Amanda Renteria - 21st Century California Bill of Rights

Ethics in Politics

It's time to change the culture of politics and that means ensuring every statewide elected official is 100% focused on serving the people. 

- No extra businesses on the side.

- No open investments that create conflicts of interest.

- No fundraising 6 months prior to an election.

California can lead on Health Care for All

Amanda believes that every Californian has a right to accessible and affordable health care.

Time to Act #MeToo #NoMore #TimesUp

Safety in Communities

I will work to ensure Californians are safe in our communities—all of them. I pledge to:
- Continue to lead the country in constitutionally acceptable gun control measures
- Stop sexual harassment and predatory behavior by championing best practices in our universities and workplaces
- Take every legal step we can to stop the deportation of Dreamers and tearing more families apart
- End mass incarceration and reinvest those resources in education and jobs programs in low income communities

Using Power to Empower

Using Power to Touch People's Lives

The story of Bobby Kennedy coming to the Central Valley of California to break the fast and bring the country together. 

Local Interview: Making politics about people again

Renteria's First Two Endorsements

The kids are in!  Their reaction to the news of running for Governor of California.

Warriors are just witnesses who choose to feel responsible.