Meet Amanda Renteria

Safety in Homes, Workplaces, and Communities

Safety in Homes, Workplaces, and Communities

Under Amanda’s 21st Century Bill of Rights, every Californian will have a right to safety in their homes, workplaces, and communities. This includes freedom from harassment and discrimination.

Amanda recently stepped down from her role as Chief of Operations at the California Department of Justice in order to run for Governor. During Amanda’s time at DOJ, they locked up human traffickers, cracked down on polluters, fought for women’s healthcare, shielded seniors from Medi-Cal fraud, and secured millions in student refunds from for-profit colleges. 

Unfortunately, Californians have come under attack from a range of threats every day. They deserve a Governor who is committed to addressing these problems. Under this pillar of the Bill of Rights, Amanda’s initial priorities as Governor will be to:

1. Take every legal step we can to stop the deportation of Dreamers and tearing more families apart

2. End mass incarceration and reinvest the savings in education and jobs programs in low-income communities

3. Stop sexual harassment and predatory behavior by championing best practices in our universities and workplaces

4. Continue to lead the country in constitutionally acceptable gun control measures 

Amanda’s policies around sexual assault, harassment, and misconduct are an important part of this pillar. As a #MeToo survivor, Amanda stands out for her commitment to address these problems and hold elected officials accountable for their misbehavior.

Sexual misconduct and harassment received little attention in the Governor’s race until Amanda succeeded in making them major campaign issues. At a time when the State Capitol is struggling to fix these problems, it is important that voters consider each candidate’s track record when choosing their next Governor.

Amanda believes that the only way to truly close the door on sexual misconduct is to hold all bad actors accountable. We need to elect leaders who don’t have a track record of sexual encounters with their employees, and we need to elect people who will passionately champion policies to protect everyone in the workplace. Amanda has called on Lieutenant Governor Newsom to step down from his post due to his well-documented history of sexual encounters with a subordinate- behaviors that are considered so inappropriate that they’ve been banned for elected officials in the U.S. House of Representatives. Amanda’s plan for combating sexual misconduct in government is robust and was a core focus of her early communications efforts.

Every Californian should be able to pursue their career without having to fend off sexual advances from people in positions of power. They should all have the ability to confidentially seek help from a trustworthy source if they want to. Bad actors deserve due process, but there should be real consequences for those who try to abuse their power.

Amanda will do what’s needed to end these problems once and for all.