Meet Amanda Renteria

About Amanda Renteria

Amanda Renteria is a California public servant.

Amanda Renteria is the daughter of former farmworkers in the Central Valley who went on to attend Stanford and Harvard. For nearly two decades, she has devoted her career to public service. She has served in a variety of public sector roles; a high school teacher in her hometown, a budget analyst in one of California’s largest cities, the first Latina Chief of Staff in the history of the United States Senate, National Political Director for a Presidential Campaign and most recently, Chief of Operations for the California Department of Justice.

One California

Amanda believes in a welcoming, generous America, where citizens care about each other, protect the most vulnerable, offer unconditional help when our neighbors are in need, and where love thy neighbor guides civic participation.

This America is only possible when we elect leaders who believe in these values and work to make a difference. California is stronger as a united, One California, join the conversation to contribute your voice.