Meet Amanda Renteria

21st Century California Bill of Rights

Amanda believes every Californian has a right to:

1. Elected leaders who work only for the people

2. Safety in our homes, workplaces, and communities (including freedom from harassment and discrimination)

3. An education that prepares every child for the 21st-century economy

4. Safe and affordable housing

5. Clean air and water, no matter where we live

6. Quality, affordable healthcare

For generations, people have come to California in search of a better life. We’ve always taken pride in being on the frontiers of change in America, which is why we’re so open to fresh faces and new ideas.

Amanda believes that it’s time to make a bold new commitment to the basic rights of every person living here. The core of her policy platform is called the 21st Century California Bill of Rights. 

It describes what our state needs to put in place to ensure the safety, inclusion, and prosperity of every Californian. Framing these issues as fundamental rights is an important step. Beyond the advocacy of any particular policy, it sets a broader and longer lasting standard that the government will be required to achieve.

The truth is that most of the easy problems have been solved already. Crafting policies to address the remaining challenges facing such a large and diverse state as ours will require a Governor who possesses a rare combination of life experience, subject matter knowledge, and coalition building skills.

Amanda has the broadest and deepest policy-making experience of any candidate in the Governor’s race. From economics to agriculture, she has worked at the highest levels of policy-making in the U.S. Senate. As a top Senate staffer, she’s been tested in high stakes, high-stress situations like responding to the 2008 financial crisis and passing the Affordable Care Act.

Amanda has also done the work. Early in her career, she worked as a high school teacher in the Central Valley and as a Budget Analyst for the City of San Jose. Most recently, she served as the Chief of Operations at the California Department of Justice, where she managed 1,000 people and a budget of $850 million.

California can remain on the frontiers of change in America, but it requires a Governor who is a skilled, passionate, and sincere public servant.

Time to Act #MeToo #NoMore #TimesUp

As Governor, I pledge to stand up to the Trump Administration as they roll back civil rights for survivors.

I will sign legislation preserving Obama-era Title IX protections in California.

I will support the following package of bills: AB 1870, SB 1038, SB 224, SB 1300.

Lastly, I will be committed to cleaning up Sacramento by working with the legislature to institute grievance procedures for all state offices, so survivors know there’s a process in place to help.

Technology, Transparency, & Accountability

As Governor, I’ll make sure Californian’s have a government that can restore public trust. We can do that by improving transparency and accountability by using technology. I will work toward a fairer system that includes:

1. Electronic recording in all courtrooms
2. E-filing in our state courts
3. Learning systems that use data and best practices to improve our system

We can ensure fairness and justice in our courts.

A Vision for ONE California