Amanda Renteria - Her Vision for ONE California

Maddy Interview: Amanda talks about changing the culture of politics and ensuring that every region of the state is heard.

Amanda Renteria - On Education

Maddy Interview: As a former public school student and teacher and current public school parent, Amanda talks about her education plan for the state.  

Amanda Renteria - On Healthcare

Maddy Institute: Amanda has a unique perspective on healthcare as a former chief of staff who was involved in Health Care negotiations in the United States Senate.

Amanda Renteria - On Housing

Maddy Interview: Amanda discusses her experience during the fiscal crisis and the four steps needed to address housing in California.

Amanda Renteria - On the Environment

Maddy Institute: Amanda is asked about the trade-offs of climate change policy.  Her answer: I'd never bet against California to be innovative and save the environment! 

Amanda Renteria - On Water

Maddy Interview: As a Central Valley native, Amanda shares her unique perspective on water and the passion for action.

Amanda Renteria - On Immigrant Communities

Maddy Interview: Amanda discusses her approach to immigrant communities, especially in the Central Valley.

Amanda Renteria - Restoring Public Trust

Maddy Interview: Amanda is asked about the current uptick in crime. She discusses the need to restore public trust in government and its leaders.

Amanda Renteria - On Taxes in California

Maddy Interview: Amanda discusses the problems with California's tax structure and the process needed to change it.

Amanda Renteria - ONE CA & the Central Valley

Maddy Interview: From the perspective of someone who grew up in one of the lowest income counties in the country, Amanda talks about income inequality and her vision for ONE California.

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Amanda discusses the need to change the culture of politics in California and re-building public trust.

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Democrat Amanda Renteria cast her campaign Monday as an effort to break a calcified political order with “joy and hope.” 

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