Meet Amanda Renteria

Every Child Deserves a 21st Century Education

Every Child Deserves a 21st Century Education

Under Amanda’s 21 st Century Bill of Rights, all kids in California will have a right to an education that prepares them for the 21st-century economy.

Amanda grew up in an under-resourced agricultural community in the Central Valley. The proud daughter of farmworkers, she went on to earn degrees from Stanford and Harvard through a combination of student loans, work-study jobs, and athletic scholarships.

Life experiences make a difference. From her own experiences, Amanda knows that a good education can change the life of a family or community. She also knows how big the educational divide has become in some communities. This is why Amanda began her career in public service as a high school Math and Economics teacher in her hometown nearly two decades ago. It’s why both of her sisters became educators, too.

Under this pillar of the Bill of Rights, Amanda’s initial priorities as Governor will be to:

1. Make high-quality preschool programs available to all families

2. Move from STEM to STEAM to include the important role of the arts in every elementary school

3. Require every high school student to take a computer science/coding class

4. Create collaborative partnerships with job creators and academic institutions so that graduates of high schools, community colleges, and four-year universities have the skills needed for job opportunities

5. End mass incarceration and shift those resources from prisons to classrooms

California has been leaving untold numbers of talented and deserving kids behind. This will change when Amanda is Governor.