Meet Amanda Renteria

California Can Lead on Health Care for All

California Can Lead on Health Care for All

Under Amanda’s 21st Century California Bill of Rights, every Californian will have a right to quality, affordable healthcare. When it comes to healthcare, California has a unique opportunity to lead the nation in showing what is possible. That’s why Amanda’s main priority under this pillar of the Bill of Rights is to implement a single-payer health care law for California.

Single payer healthcare is exciting, and will profoundly change the lives of all Californians for the better. At the same time, no one should underestimate how big of a challenge this will be, both technically and politically. During her first 100 days in office, Amanda will launch a select committee of unbiased experts to develop a single-payer implementation plan that is economically viable and integrated with federal law. This committee will craft a plan that addresses the issues, stakeholders, and financing needed for implementation. The committee will actively seek public input and communicate regularly about its proceedings, with final recommendations presented to the public within 12 months.

Amanda is the most qualified gubernatorial candidate to lead this effort. As a Chief of Staff in the US Senate, she was directly involved in the negotiation and passage of our nation’s most complex legislation. This included direct involvement in the Affordable Care Act on the provisions related to mental health, substance abuse prevention, women’s preventive health, and maternity care.

The ACA needed support from several Senate moderates to pass and clearly did not go as far as many Californians would have liked. But the knowledge gained from those analyses and negotiations can be leveraged to help Californians take the next step toward a thoughtfully designed single payer model. Healthcare reform is vitally important and incredibly complex. California deserves a Governor who has real experience crafting similar policies at the highest levels of government.