Meet Amanda Renteria

Access to Clean Air & Water is a Basic Right

Access to Clean Air & Water is a Basic Right

Under Amanda’s 21st Century Bill of Rights, every Californian will have a right to clean air and water, no matter where they live.

Amanda was born and raised in a small farming town in the agriculturally rich Central Valley of California. She grew up knowing that the local businesses and communities depended on a stable climate and reliable sources of water for their very existence. At the same time, she grew up watching untold numbers of people struggling with serious health problems as a result of the nation’s worst pollution. Some of the small towns near there are discovering their drinking water is tainted, while others have run out of well water completely. That’s why the drive to provide every Californian with clean air and water is deeply personal for her.

Under this pillar of the Bill of Rights, Amanda’s initial priorities as Governor will be to:

 1. Ban fracking and dumping of oil wastewater into unlined pits

2. Enable testing of local water quality, shut down facilities that contaminate groundwater, and force the polluters to pay for addressing it

3. End the sale of gas-powered cars in California by 2030

4. Continue to fund the Bureau of Environmental Justice and create metrics to track successful programs addressing our most polluted regions

These efforts are not just the right thing to do. They’re also a smart investment. The World Health Organization has stated that “When air quality improves, health costs from air pollution-related diseases shrink, worker productivity expands and life expectancy grows.”

Amanda is the right person to get this done. During her tenure in the United States Senate, Amanda helped to create a slate of clean-energy production incentives that seeded the alternative energy industry when it needed it most. Amanda also took part in the negotiations that improved fuel efficiency standards for vehicles and created a greener, more innovative auto industry. These policies have helped to move our state further toward renewable energy sources and significantly reduced our state’s reliance on fossil fuels.

While serving as National Political Director during the 2016 election cycle, Amanda went to Flint, Michigan to bring awareness to that under-served community’s lead poisoning water crisis. Her advocacy efforts helped to attract national media attention and generated resources for important new community programs. These efforts resulted in ongoing state and federal actions to rectify wrong-doing, as well as long-term health monitoring for affected families.

As the Chief of Operations for California’s Department of Justice, Amanda helped to establish the Bureau of Environmental Justice. The mission of this new bureau is to “protect people and communities that endure a disproportionate share of environmental pollution and public health hazards” through more focused oversight, investigation, and enforcement of state laws.