Meet Amanda Renteria

A Higher Standard for Elected Leaders

A Higher Standard for Elected Leaders

Under Amanda’s 21st Century Bill of Rightsevery Californian will have the right to elected officials who work only for the people.

Amanda’s perspective on this is pretty simple. Government works best when public servants do the people’s business with humility, enthusiasm, and skill. From Washington to Sacramento, we run into problems when politicians are allowed to buy their way into office and use their power for personal benefit.

Under this pillar of the Bill of Rights, Amanda’s initial priorities as Governor will be to pass a series of new laws to:

1. Prevent statewide elected officials from running businesses while in office

2. Reduce conflicts of interest by requiring elected officials to place their assets in a blind trust

3. Prohibit campaign fundraising until six months before an election

4. End all lobbyist gifts to elected officials

5. Prohibit elected officials from engaging in sexual relationships with anyone who works under their supervision

Amanda has lived up to the highest ethical standards throughout her career in public service. She stepped down from her role as Chief of Operations at the California Department of Justice before she began campaigning. Amanda’s Administration will set a higher standard for public servants and foster an environment where all employees are safe and empowered to do their job.