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Hi Friend, 

This is an important time for our Central Valley races because typical polling places have closed and mail-in ballots are now the norm. This may seem like a positive change, but without voter education, ballots can be easily thrown away, and small-town voters may find it difficult to locate and reach new polling sites. 

What’s more, Vote By Mail (VBM) accounts for 2/3rds of voters in some of our biggest races. 

Here’s the good news–ballots can be gathered and sent in on someone else’s behalf. This means campaigns can designate volunteers to pick up and deliver ballots! 

Email me directly,, if you’ll like to be listed as a dedicated ballot gatherer in your area. We need all the help we can get, especially in remote small towns.

Thank you for all you are doing to empower the Valley, 

Amanda Renteria

Denham-R vs Harder-D
Modesto Bee headline reads “Trumps weight crushing Denham. Bee recommends Harder”. One main issue for Denham, his votes on Health Care where an “estimated 100,000 residents would be harmed, some losing insurance, some losing jobs.” Access Harder’s endorsements here.
Caballero-D vs Poythress-R
Big Valley News endorses Anna Caballero – a major win for this race! In response, her opponent released an attack ad that was deemed by local news station KSBW as “completely false.” Time to put an end to Trump-era campaign tactics.
CA- 16
Costa-D vs Heng-R

Jim Costa’s campaign has been busy garnering more and more attention. This week Senator Feinstein was with Congressman Costa talking with Valley residents. As he has every year, Costa has earned a variety of endorsements, see the list here.
Vidak-R vs Hurtado-D

Hurtado has garnered support from a gamut of exceptional community leaders and organizations like, Raymond Lerma, Mayor, City of Corcoran, Jose Gurrola, Mayor, City of Arvin, and Frank Gonzalez, Mayor, City of Sanger. As we think about our future, education is an important state level issue and yet Andy Vidak was rated 27% by California Federation of Teachers, while this is one of Hurtado’s key campaign issues.
Nunes-R vs Janz-D
For the first time in 16 years, the biggest hometown paper in CD-22 is NOT endorsing Nunes. They offer several reasons for this decision from a failed ability to bring water to the Valley to his vote on the ACA that would have cut 74,000 CV families from Medi-Cal. Meanwhile, Janz has a solid track record as a prosecutor and has created an exciting, empowering campaign. Read the full endorsement here
Patterson-R vs Rizo-D
Aileen Rizo, nationally renowned Equal Pay proponent is bringing common sense leadership with her campaign. She is creating an empowering movement of women leaders across the country. Checkout her campaign’s website to learn more about the movement supporting her.
CA-21 Valadao-R vs Cox-D
Once again, David Valadao is employing vicious smear campaign tactics wrapped in lies. The latest is about TJ Cox’s commitment to health care. TJ’s wife is a pediatrician at Valley Children’s Hospital and TJ has invested in CV health clinics.Meanwhile, Valadao is trying to hide his ACA vote that would have cut health care for 99,000 families in the district. See TJ’s endorsements here.
Mathis-R vs Sigala-D
Jose Sigala’s #EnoughIsEnough hashtag is resonating deeply in the valley after Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing. Sigala is working hard, in fact he made a stop in Woodlake on Thursday for a Community Forum.
McCarthy-R vs Matta-D
For decades, immigrant communities have worked hard as farmworkers and small business owners providing a foundation for our Valley economy. As a huge insult to our communities, McCarthy introduced legislation for a $23.4 billion border wall. See all her endorsements here.
Arambula-D vs Espinoza-R 
Dr. Joaquin Arambula continues his efforts to improve health care access to the valley by securing funds and helping other candidates across the valley. His re-election is endorsed by many, see the full list here.
Salas-D vs Mendes-R
Bakersfield Californian endorses Assemblyman Rudy Salas! “Valley fever is a huge issue in the Central Valley… and Salas led the charge to secure $8 million in funding to beat the disease.” See full list of endorsements for Salas here.

Local Races

A shout out to Mayor Grace Vallejo who pointed out the need for in-person early voting locations in other parts of Kern County. Right now, the only available site is in Bakersfield which leaves out Delano voters, one of the communities that have been left out by at-large voting in the past.